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Mastering the (h)edges

To safeguard and amplify your wealth

Who we are

Kronstadt Asset Management is a global boutique alternative investment manager, known for achieving standout returns amidst varied market conditions. 

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Our strategic approach to risk-adjusted absolute return investing enables us to pinpoint and capitalize on top-performing stocks in leading industries while concurrently shorting underperforming stocks in less desirable sectors.

Boasting advanced academic pedigrees and a reputation for integrity, our esteemed team excels in navigating global markets. With a deep understanding of market dynamics, we collaboratively hedge against volatility, optimizing risk-adjusted returns to safeguard and amplify our clients' wealth.

Our edges

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Corinne Business Center,
1 Iasonos street, Office 108 Nicosia, Cyprus 1082

Registered Address:

Omrania Center, 313,
28 October street, Limassol, Cyprus 3105

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