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"Excellence matters"

Non-executive Director

Mr. Stavros Giannakou is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of executive experience in the financial services arena. With academic foundations rooted in a BSc in Economics and Accountancy, he further bolstered his credentials with an MSc from City University Business School, specializing in Shipping, Trade, and Finance.

Currently serving as the Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director of ArgusFX, a Cyprus Investment Firm, Mr. Giannakou's leadership has been instrumental for the past 4 years. His prior roles have showcased his versatility; from being the Business Development Manager at MAP S. Platis between 2012-2017 to leading as the CEO of Tadawul FX Ltd. from 2009-2012. His financial journey commenced in 2000, with a pivotal role as a Senior Banker at Marfin Laiki Bank in Nicosia.

With a vast reservoir of knowledge and hands-on experience, Mr. Giannakou's addition to Kronstadt's Board of Directors promises significant value. His extensive advisory background further underscores his prowess in the sector.

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